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Gavi-How To Reach

Reach Gavi,Kerala Gavi is located 26 km far fromVandiperiyar, (14+26=40) km from Kumily,  (16+26=42Km )From Thekkady. Gavi is part of  ranni reserve forest. Gavi belongs to Seethathode Panchayath in Ranni Taluk.Gavi is part of the Periyar Tiger reserve, and the route can be covered by car from Vandiperiyar. The entrance fee is 25 rupees per person and 50 rupees per vehicle. Air The Kochi International Airport :-200 km Trivandrum International Airport :-250 km Madurai Airport ,TamilNadu :-195 km Train Thiruvalla Railway  Station:-120 km Chengannur.Railway  Station:-115 km  Kottyayam Railway  Station:-130 Km Bus Kottayam Bus Station ,  Kochi Bus Station  Thiruvananthapuram  Bus Station  One Special Ordinary Bus available in the route Pathanamthitta-Perunad-Muzhiyar-Kakki-Gavi-Kumily

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Gavi videos 2014- Gavi is a A must visit place for all nature lovers as Gavi is preserved in its eco scenic beauty untainted by the mighty hands of modernity.It is a 100% Eco friendly PlaceGavi is mainly known for its wildlife.

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Rules to visit Gavi-Kerla Forest Rules for gavi visit

Tthere are some new rules to visit gavi He is the newrules